How Does It Stay On

For a while I was a substitute teacher in a public high school. Coming from a parochial school background, this provided for some very interesting discussions with my teenage students. One thing that kept coming up was how the Yarmulka stays on my head.

Also known as a Kippah or as a Beanie - or, so I am told - it is a cloth circle that sits on my head, reminding me that I am Jewish. They aren't all cloth. Some are leather for example. But the knit ones look nicest, in my opinion, and stay on my head the best.

Why do Christians ask why Jews don't believe in Jesus?

Why don't Jews believe in Jesus? I get asked this question all the time. In many ways it is the one question that has convinced me of the need for this website. I assume we will come back to this many times, but for now the short answer:

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