About This Site

I have created this site because I am an obvious Jew and have gotten many questions from Christians over the years about Jews and Christianity. They have ranged from "Why don't Jews believe in Jesus" to "Christians are the New Jew" to "Do Jews really worship the devil" to "Where are your horns" to "How does that thing stay on your head". Fortunately, some of the more unfortunate questions listed above were from children who genuinely didn't know better, genuinely meant no harm and genuinely wanted to learn.

I have hesitated about creating this site for a long time. There is definitely a fear that, where religion is concerned, a frank discussion can turn into something nasty when someone feels they have something to prove or defend. However, I keep getting asked the same questions over the years. In addition, I find that for every weirdo with a grudge there are a lot more people who find the purely intellectual debate about the difference in viewpoint stimulating - as do I. So I am creating this website with a few quick guidelines about intent and behavior. Here they are:

1. This site will not be a religious grudge match. It will be a discussion of theory only.

By reading this site everyone agrees that every religion disagrees with every other - and are therefore sacrilegious to one another - but that we are all going to overlook that in the interest of peace, harmony and that's not what God wants.

2. This site exists to present the viewpoints of one side only.

This is not because the author is smarter, better or righter than anyone else, but because it exist as an attempt by the author to answer the particular questions directed at him about his religion by members of another religion. Other authors are both free and encouraged to do likewise in their own venues.

3. Nevertheless, this site will present both sides as it is presented to the author.

A discussion is not a discussion if there is only one side. It's just going to be a sided discussion. Again, if we are to be honest, any kind of vetted content - such as an editorial in a paper, for example - is always this way. This site is no different in that respect. It just happens to present a minority opinion.

4. Interpersonal abuse will not be allowed.

I am creating this site with the idea of opening a discussion. There will be those who want to derail that in favor of heckling. For this reason, no audience content will be viewable until it has been vetted for helpfulness of discussion and intelligence. Obviously the author will be the sole determiner of that. Anything that is at all abusive or which simply does not contribute anything new will be discarded.

5. Please be patient with the author.

I have no experience in managing a website of this type. I have built web pages before, but they were a long time ago, when the Web was a static entity - just simple pages with unchanging content. I will do my best to add people to the site who want to comment and have something meaningful to say. I will also try to update this site when I have something to add. We will see if it works out that way.