How Does It Stay On

For a while I was a substitute teacher in a public high school. Coming from a parochial school background, this provided for some very interesting discussions with my teenage students. One thing that kept coming up was how the Yarmulka stays on my head.

Also known as a Kippah or as a Beanie - or, so I am told - it is a cloth circle that sits on my head, reminding me that I am Jewish. They aren't all cloth. Some are leather for example. But the knit ones look nicest, in my opinion, and stay on my head the best.

For whatever reason - static cling, shape or crinkly-nes - it just stays on even when I am bending to pick something off of the floor.  I think it's just friction, but the question makes a great game.

I have had a lot of fun with my students with explanations for this. My favorite game was to tell them that I have snaps sown onto my scalp from when I was an infant and the thing just snaps on. Every few years I need the snaps surgically moved as I grow. At some point or another I had some students believing this for more than 15 minutes before assuring them that this wasn't the case.

So, just out of curiosity, why do YOU think it stays on?